TAURON Polska Energia S.A. is the mother company in the TAURON Group - one of the largest business entities in Poland, with approximately PLN 19 billion equity and approximately 25 thousand employees.

The TAURON Group supplies over 51 TWh of electricity annually to 5.6 million end customers, which makes it the largest electricity distributor in Poland. It is also the second largest producer and seller in the country and the largest heat supplier in Upper Silesia. Holding controls approximately ca. 29% of Polish hard coal energy resources.

The TAURON Group is involved in a number of projects for the environment, such as educational and charity activities. Is a sponsor of important cultural and sporting events.

With passion and commitment, we provide modern solutions that give energy in a constantly changing world.

We are a company that best responds to the needs of customers in the Polish energy industry.

Annual Report

See the TAURON Group Integrated Report for 2021