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Current Report No. 19/2020

04.05.2020 19:00

Update of the information on the construction of the power generating unit in Jaworzno

​In reference to the current reports no. 4/2020 of February 13, 2020 and no. 7/2020 of March 6, 2020, TAURON Polska Energia S.A. (”Issuer”) informs that on May 4, 2020, Nowe Jaworzno Grupa TAURON sp. z o.o. (”NJGT”), the RAFAKO S.A. - MOSTOSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. consortium (”Consortium”) and E003B7 sp. z o.o. (”SPV”) signed an Agreement (”Agreement”) related to the implementation of the contract for the construction of the 910 MW power generating unit in Jaworzno (”Unit”).

In accordance with the Agreement, NJGT, the Consortium and SPV determined the causes of damage to one of the boiler components, of which the Issuer informed in the current report no. 4/2020 of February 13, 2020. According to the conclusions presented by the fact finding commission composed of the representatives of NJGT, the Consortium and SPV the failure was a consequence of an unfavorable coincidence of circumstances that had occurred during the start-up of the Unit. Each of these circumstances, occurring individually, could not have led to an occurrence of the failure. In addition, the fact finding commission has agreed on how to repair the damaged boiler components, which will allow for avoiding similar failures in the future.

As part of the Agreement, a schedule of actions has also been agreed upon, including procedures aimed at providing protection against the risk of a recurrence of a failure as well as procedures for tuning (adjusting) and commissioning of the Unit. The Consortium and SPV will forthwith commence implementing the steps provided for in the agreed schedule and enforcing the findings of the fact finding commission.

The Consortium estimates that the Unit will be commissioned by November 15, 2020. This deadline takes into account the additional time required to fix the effects of the failure referred to above.

The work progress on the project, as of the date of disclosing this current report, is more than 98 percent.

The Issuer holds 84.76 percent of the votes and shares in NJGT.

Art. 17, section 1 of the MAR Regulation – inside information

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