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Current Report No. 15/2020

30.03.2020 19:00

Recommendation of the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia S.A. on covering the net loss for 2019 from the supplementary capital and not paying out a dividend from the supplementary capital

​TAURON Polska Energia S.A. ("Issuer") announces that on March 30, 2020, the Management Board of the Issuer made the decision to recommend to the Annual General Meeting of the Issuer ("AGM") to cover the loss of PLN 462,830,170.74 for the financial year 2019 from the supplementary capital. The Issuer's Management Board will also not recommend to the AGM to pay out a dividend in 2020 from the supplementary capital.

At the same time, the Issuer informs that the dividend policy announced in the current report no. 35/2016 of September 2, 2016, regarding the dividend amount and the conditions that must be met for its payout remains unchanged.​

Art. 17 sec. 1 of MAR – inside information

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