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Current Report No. 6/2018

09.03.2018 15:15

Signing of amendments to the bond issue program agreements

In reference to the current reports no. 49/2015 of November 24, 2015 and no. 29/2017 of June 20, 2017 on, accordingly, signing and extending the bond issue program (”Program”) agreements, the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia S.A. (”Company”) announces that on March 9, 2018 amendments to the agency and custody agreement as well as the underwriting agreement were signed, the result of which is an extension by some banks of the period of availability of the funds under the Program. This means that the maximum value of the Program:

a) is PLN 6.27 bln until December 31, 2020 (this amount did not change as a result of signing the amendments),
b) is PLN 6.07 bln until December 31, 2021 (it had been PLN 5.32 bln before the amendments were signed),
c) is PLN 5.82 bln until December 31, 2022 (it had been PLN 2.45 bln before the amendments were signed).

The amendments were signed with the following banks taking part in the Program: Bank Handlowy in Warsaw S.A., Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A., Bank Zachodni WBK S.A., CaixaBank S.A. (Joint Stock Company) Branch in Poland, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Branch in Poland, ING Bank Śląski S.A., mBank S.A., MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V., MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. S.A. Branch in Poland and Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski S.A.

The Company also informs that the financing margin under the Program did not change due to the signing of the amendments.


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