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List of ratings assigned by Fitch
Assigned rating ​Rating; outlook Date of assignment
/ last affirmation
Long-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency IDRs
​BBB; Stable Outlook ​​ ​​​17.04.2019

Short-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency IDRs
National Long-Term Rating
A+(pol); Stable Outlook
​Foreign-currency senior unsecured rating of EUR500 million Eurobonds
National senior unsecured rating
EUR 190 milion hybrid bonds (EIB*) rating ​BB+
PLN 750 milion hybrid bonds (EIB*) rating ​BB+
PLN 400 milion hybrid bond program (BGK**) rating ​BB+
PLN 400 milion hybrids bond program (BGK**) national rating
PLN 400 milion hybrid bonds (BGK**) rating
PLN 400 milion hybrid bonds (EIB**) national rating

* European Investment Bank

** Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

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Fitch Rating for Bonds Confirmed (110.7 kB)​​​​

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