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Marek Wadowski

Vice-President of the Management Board for Finance

A graduate of the University of Economics in Katowice. He also completed post graduate studies at École Supérieure de Commerce Toulouse where he obtained Mastère Spécialisé en Banque et Ingéniere Financière diploma and Executive MBA studies at the Kozminski University in Warsaw.

He has professional experience in the field of financial, controlling and accounting process management in industry (power sector, mining, steel industry), as well as in financing of investment projects and international commercial transactions. He was involved in the implementation of the due diligence projects and valuations of many enterprises (using income-based, equity and comparison valuation methods).

Since the beginning of his professional career he was associated with the energy, mining and steel sector entities, acting in the capacity of the President or the Vice-President of the Management Board and holding senior managerial positions. He gained his professional experience working at BRE Corporate Finance S.A., Huta Cynku Miasteczko Śląskie S.A. and at Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. Capital Group’s subsidiaries. From 2008, acting in the capacity of the Vice-President of the Management Board in charge of the financial division at Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. Capital Group’s subsidiaries, he was responsible, inter alia, for structuring commercial transactions, implementing the foreign exchange risk hedging policy, financial costs reduction, liquidity management, acquiring funds from the consortium of banks in the form of a bond issue program. He was also involved in the IPO of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. (implementation of the International Accounting Standards, modification of the management information system, preparing the IPO prospectus, talks with investors). He held the position of the President of the Management Board at Towarzystwo Finansowe Silesia where he was involved in the bond issue program for Kompania Węglowa and was dealing with the acquisition of debt financing from the consortium of banks.

As the Vice-President of the Management Board for Finance he oversees the following business areas: financial management, controlling, accounting and tax policy, analytics, procurement and administration, IT, market operator and trading services, trade, fuel trading, portfolio management as well as the work of the Personal Data Protection Inspector.​