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Jarosław Broda

Vice-President of the Management Board for Asset Management and Development

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, holds a postgraduate diploma in project management at the Kozminski University.

He has experience in the area of consolidation and operation of the energy sector, privatization of state-owned utility groups, developing processes associated with the restructuring and strategy building as well as energy entities’ expansion projects.

Since the beginning of his professional career he has been associated with the energy sector’s entities, holding senior managerial and executive positions. He gained his professional experience working at the Ministry of State Treasury as well as at TAURON and GDF Suez Energia Polska. Recently associated with GDF Suez Energia Polska – Katowice and GDF Suez (Branch Energy Europe) where he was responsible for market analyses and developing the company’s expansion strategy, regulatory management and M&A projects. He was also involved in developing the sales and marketing expansion strategy in Europe. Since mid-2015 he was responsible for developing the commercial strategy and the contract for difference related to the nuclear project in Great Britain.

As the Vice-President of the Management Board for Asset Management and Development he oversees the following business areas: investment projects, mergers, acquisitions and divestments, asset management, mining asset management, research and development, occupational health and safety (OHS), risk management as well as the work of Occupational Safety and Health Officer.​