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Filip Grzegorczyk

President of the Board and CEO

A manager with many years of experience in managing organisations and projects in the energy sector, in the fuel and energy industry and in public administration. Since 2016, President of the Board and CEO of TAURON Polska Energia S.A., associated with the Company in 2007-2008 as Vice President of the Board responsible for Group Management.

He developed the strategic concept of TAURON’s Green Turn, aiming at 65% of low- and zero-emission sources in the Group’s generation mix by 2030.

As President of the Board and CEO, he manages the work of the Board of TAURON Polska Energia S.A., executes the rights and obligations of the employer and directly supervises the following areas of the Company’s activity: legal, corporate, strategy, communication and marketing, international regulations and affairs, audit and control, human resources, safety and compliance, as well as the Compliance Officer and the Social Dialogue Ombudsman.

In 2015-2016, Deputy Minister of the State Treasury responsible for ownership supervision and legislative processes and Member of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers. In 2011-2014, the Management Board’s Plenipotentiary for Energy Sector Development in Kompania Węglowa S.A. and Corporate Affairs Director in Węglokoks Energia Sp. z o.o.

He is an associate professor at the Cracow University of Economics and holds lectures at the Faculty of Management as well as at the Faculty of Economics and International Relations.

Holding a strong academic background, he graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He also graduated from the Executive Master of Business Administration (AESE Business School, EM Normandie, Krakow Business School UEK). He completed the following programs: Summer Advanced Course in European Law University of London, King’s College, Centre of European Law; International Business and Trade Summer School Catholic University of America – Columbus School of Law and L’École de Droit Université d'Orléans.

Fluent in English and French with good working command of Italian.​