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TAURON Group: EBITDA of PLN 3.4 billion and revenue of PLN 18​.1 billion in 2018

Sales revenue up 4 percent year on year (to PLN 18.1 billion) EBITDA came in at PLN 3.4 billion, with EBITDA margin at 18.6 percent Electricity distribution volume up 1 percent (51.97 TWh) Capital expenditures of PLN 3.7 billion. ...

F. Grzegorczyk: Former mining regions in need of additional support

‘Poland does share in the ambitious goals of EU energy and climate policy but wants to achieve them in its own way. Transition will not be effective and socially acceptable unless built on that premise,’ said Filip Grzegorczyk, President of company TAURON Polska Energia, at a debate in Strasbourg.