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TAURON Group posts good FY 2017 earnings: PLN 3.5 bln of EBITDA and PLN 1.4 bln in net profit

Stable revenue of PLN 17.4 bln EBITDA rising to PLN 3.5 bln (+6.2 percent yoy) and EBITDA margin growing to 20.4 percent (+1,5 pp yoy) Net profit up 274 percent, to PLN 1.4 bln Improved key operating results – higher production of coal and electricity ...

TAURON began cooperation in the field of innovation with the American Electric Power Research Institute

Energy storage and identification of electricity consumers' needs are the scopes of the first joint research programmes implemented by TAURON and the American Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The cooperation agreement was signed on March 8 in ...