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TAURON Group posts good Q1-3 2017 earnings: PLN 2.9 bln of EBITDA and PLN 1.2 bln in net profit

Significant increase of net profit to PLN 1.2 bln (versus PLN 0.3 bln in Q1-3 2016) EBITDA and EBITDA margin rising to, respectively: PLN 2.88 bln (+17 percent yoy) and 22.4 percent (+3.5 pp yoy) Operating costs down 9.4 percent yoy Segments that ma ...

TAURON with 30 solutions from startups

30 startups are currently preparing solutions for TAURON in the area of improvement of existing infrastructure and development of new businesses within the Group. Twelve of them are already conducting tests on TAURON's infrastructure. The deployments ...